May 3, 2009

Sunday Sermons

I'm posting my sermons from today.

Sunday Morning Sermon:
"I'm not ashamed of the gospel." Romans 1:16-17-

Sunday Evening Sermon:
"Building a New Foundation" Romans 15-1-5-


  1. Pastor Wes, we missed Sunday evening, but heard it online. Great message, we cant wait for the lost to come to us, we have to work harder, and seek out the lost so that they may come to know THE LORD. We need to welcome people in so that they may feel the love that Martha and I felt when we first started coming there. Have a blessed day, and we will see you Wed.

  2. Tom & Martha, I hope you are just the first fruits here at WHBC. Lets pray together that God gives us a big vision of what God will do through us here.


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