Oct 11, 2011

Don't Serve Me an Empty Plate

I have never gone to a restaurant for their plates. On Sundays after church Jennifer has never asked me whether I wanted to go to the square plate, circle plate, yellow box or white bag restaurant. The draw of any restaurant is simply not the medium they serve off of.

What brings us to restaurants? We go to eat FOOD.  The plates, boxes and bags they are served in are simply the carriers of what we came to get. We go to eat enchiladas, pasta or a good burger.

This week at church we are starting a new series through the book of 1 John called “How do I know?”. As I have studied and thought through the big ideas of the book I have found one big theme. 1 John teaches that you know you are a follower of Jesus when his authentic work is seen in you.  

We are the plates and God is what fills us. It does not matter how much you shine a plate up, without food a plate is pointless. All men are born empty and in need of filling. In Christ God has filled us and given us our value.

The question we will ask for the next few weeks will be simple… How do you know you belong to God? The answer is quite simple. Are you filled? What are you willed with? 

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