Dec 22, 2016

FBCV's Controversial Decision

This holiday season the craziest thing has happened. Jesus has gotten in the way of our Christmas celebrations. Ok, Ok, I know I am about to sound like a crotchety old pastor, but stick with me for a moment. There is actually a push for churches to cancel church this Sunday as church will get in the way of celebrating Christmas. 

Wait, What?!?!?! 

Celebrating the birth of Christ with the body of Christ has gotten in the way of celebrating Christmas. Can we take a moment to shoot straight with one another? Christmas falling on a Sunday has actually exposed what we believe the true meaning of this season is all about. It is wonderful at Christmas time to spend time with families, to open gifts,  and to enjoy the festivities of the season. With all of that said, Christmas is about far more than families, gifts, and festivities. Christmas is about Jesus. If Jesus is getting in the way of opening gifts, then we have traded the cross for consumerism. If Jesus is getting in the way of families, then we may have the wrong priorities as families. If Jesus has gotten in the way of our traditions, then what are your traditions for? 

Will you join me in returning to the true reason for the season, Jesus. 

First Baptist Church of Vidalia, Louisiana will be taking the bold and counter cultural stance of actually worshiping Jesus on Christmas at 10:30am. 

This year, will you join me in reprioritizing the holiday season? Let’s put Jesus back in Christmas! Will you join me this Sunday? If you can’t make it to Vidalia, celebrate Jesus in a Bible believing church close to you or your family.

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  1. Will be celebrating the birth of Christ with church family at Lake Chapala Baptist Church, Chapala, Mexico. I am a cousin of Lynn Clark and friend of Vera Verdel.


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